jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Clase de distribuidos

in this week we are moddify the porccees in the cluster

the problem we have is some permission about all node and ruter of this bloqued all ports

before this problem we need to created a new comon user for all node
 we can use te next line:

root@nodo :$/   add user mpi

in the user mpi need to generaed the keys
and the authorized keys and public key is in the folder .ssh

wiki explain this

next step is only agreed all permision in all node

esteban, me and obed help in this part, with generaed keyś and copy in all node  and we prove with me computer and estabn computer.

link of wiki:

Wiki cluster

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  1. "This week, we modified the process of the cluster. The problem we have is the some permissions regarding the users on the nodes and router that blocks all ports. We resolved the user-permission problem by creating a common user account on all nodes: root@nodo :$/ add user mpi - we then generated the necessary access keys for the account on all machines and placed the public keys in the authorized_keys file in the .ssh folder. This is explained in the Wiki. The next step is to grant the permissions on the nodes. Esteban, Obed, and I participated in this activity, generating the keys and copying them on all nodes, trying the configuration on my computer and on that of Esteban. Link to Wiki: ..."

    HORRIBLE la ortografía. Van 4 puntos por el reporte de actividades.